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25-Nov-2017 08:13

Natalie Clancy has a 25 year track record for breaking stories.

Her investigations into the deaths of children in care, sexual harassment in the RCMP, real estate scams, and violence against nurses have won several awards, including 4 from the Canadian Association of Journalists. Shiamak, 53, teaches dance in six countries and has sold millions of albums.

A complaint filed by an unidentified, non-governmental organisation alleged that Khan and his wife know they are expecting a boy. The 47-year-old actor is popularly known as 'King Khan' in the Indian film industry.

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The video highlights the warped take of the industry on romance, with successive generations being brought up with presentations that normalise sexual harassment.The Indian film censors vehemently discouraged any on-screen kissing till 1990s; instead, shots of flowers brushing against each other were shown to convey physical intimacy between man and woman.In the last decade, smooches have crept into Indian films, but beyond that, Bollywood still errs on the side of prudery when it comes to sex.Others have taken issue with who the message is directed at, claiming that the women who would really benefit from it are India's poorest, but that it is being shared among the those who are already empowered - the middle classes.

DNA India writer Soumonty Kanungo wrote in a blog post: 'When it says "My Body, My Mind, My Choice", what is the video really trying to convey?

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