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* National Park Entry Fee (good for 7 calendar days), or for a year *You will more than likely end up behind a bunch of stopped tourists, costing you time *Time/fuel (224 miles vs.146 from Billings, MT, usually about 2-3 hours longer, on average, for me) *Speed Limit - The speed limit in Yellowstone is slow (25, 35, 45). *Parking - There isn't a lot of 'space' in Cooke City, and if a bunch of people are there, parking can be more difficult (usually not a problem, though, and if it is, you can park out at lot out of town) *The road - there are a couple of spots that are pretty shaded from the sun, that are an incline/decline and it can be hairy. 224 from Billings, MT) *Parking - the parking lot is HUGE and quite well maintained, and rarely has theft issues *Road Conditions - Chief Joseph is pretty well maintained and is usually in better shape than the park, especially pulling a trailer *They groom the trail from the parking lot VERY WELL * non-resident WY sticker required.With Incursion released in April, the Skill Tree and major balance adjustments in May, Competitive Mode and the Energy rebalance in June, and the new tech and timeline in July, August is a fairly light patch compared to recent months.Beyond the new Clan variants the main highlights of this patch for most will likely be a number of fixes and improvements throughout the game, such as a fix for two long-standing Faction Play Drop Ship issues, a fix for the impact of the Enhanced RAC/UAC Skill Node on RAC performance, improvements for the Uziel hitboxes, a fix for the long-standing issue of game objective audio continuing to trigger after the match has concluded, and more.

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The pace is slow and the payoff, which has barely been hinted at, could be minimal, leaving me to question whether the show is worth investing further Saturday nights into.

Of course, heavyweight actors Hardy and Pryce give bucketfuls of gravitas to their roles, even if Hardy’s wavering Bane-like accent and ridiculous hat are sometimes unintentionally humorous.

Other characters, including Chaplin’s Zilpha, have had very little to offer just yet, mainly thanks to the camera barely leaving Hardy’s face.

If your route puts you through Bililngs, MT or Cody, WY, I'd ride in. Feel free to email me and I'll draw you a map of how I would travel.

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*You'll have your trailer (tools, a place to store sleds, easy to get a broken sled out, etc) *You'll see a lot of wildlife, especially in Gardiner and Mammoth *If it's a blizzard, i'd rather be in a car than fighting a trail *You arrive warm, and all of your gear is warm and dry *If you're like me, when you're ready to leave, you're ready to leave, and don't want to mess with riding out.

Ebon Fisher was well-liked by students and colleagues alike at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N. A teacher of art and technology, he coauthored his own National Science Foundation-funded research while also teaching upwards of three classes.