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Because of geography, steps (stairs) are the predominant form of alley in hilly cities and towns.

This includes Pittsburgh (see Steps of Pittsburgh), Cincinnati (see Steps of Cincinnati), Minneapolis, Seattle, Some alleys are roofed because they are within buildings, such as the traboules of Lyon, or when they are a pedestrian passage through railway embankments in Britain.

(Please note that I can also no longer respond to individual questions or media inquiries about friendship.) If you’re reached this page (most likely through a search engine) because you are struggling with a friendship problem, here are some alternatives: If you’re on Facebook and interested in friendship, you can join The Friendship Blog Connection Page that has more than 1000 followers who are interested in connecting with others who want to discuss common friendship dilemmas.

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Denis, of San Francisco, participate in a speed friending event organized by Shasta Nelson of ...

more After picking up a glass of wine and a name tag at the bar, everyone was assigned to a curved booth.

At the sound of the bell, each person had two minutes to introduce themselves to a stranger.

Alleys may be paved, or unpaved, and a blind alley is a cul-de-sac.

Modern urban developments may also provide a service road to allow for waste collection, or rear access for fire engines and parking.

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