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Coursework will cover the location and functional purpose of acupoints on the human body, with special attention to acupounts on the 12 bilateral channels and the eight “Strange Flows” including the Conception and Governing Vessels, and Ah-Shi-Points. Certificate: Asian Bodywork Therapeutic Massage Credits: 3 Hours: 45 Prerequisite: Anatomy and Physiology II, Theory of Massage Therapy, Meridian Theory for Massage Therapists Department: Asian Bodywork Therapy Course Number: 106 This course is a continuation of Acupoints for Massage Therapists I.

Students will learn the proper techniques to locate specific points and apply therapeutic pressure and point stimulation to treat common ailments.

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Department: Asian Bodywork Therapy Course Number: 101 Students are presented with the theory and application of the energetic meridian systems.

Coursework will cover the theory of meridians or channels.

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