Wtmp not updating

23-Dec-2017 22:25

If no empty record with the needed ut_id can be found, init creates a new one.

It sets ut_id from the inittab,ut_pid and ut_time to the current values, and ut_type to INIT_PROCESS.(8) should not create a utmp record, because there is no assigned terminal.

There is no concrete problem to solve, it is just that I share access to a server with several other and would like to know if there is some option for the "ssh" command so they log in anonymously because recently I've found traces of their activity (like recently sent jobs) but don't see them 'online' with 'who'.

It's not that I am trying to do something 'illegitimate', it is just that I want to know the capabilities of the system.

I am trying to determine the best way to manage it. On a related note, is it possible to not log a specific user account to wtmp?#define UT_UNKNOWN 0 #define RUN_LVL 1 #define BOOT_TIME 2 #define NEW_TIME 3 #define OLD_TIME 4 #define INIT_PROCESS 5 #define LOGIN_PROCESS 6 #define USER_PROCESS 7 #define DEAD_PROCESS 8 #define ACCOUNTING 9 #define UT_LINESIZE 12 #define UT_NAMESIZE 32 #define UT_HOSTSIZE 256 struct exit_status ; struct utmp ; /* Backwards compatibility hacks.

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