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She feels ignored by Amy because she is spending more time with Ben than with her.

Madison broke up with Jason but started to have feelings over the breakup. Madison seems to have a crush on Jack and might have done something with him over the summer.

She does not want a relationship with Jack despite fooling around with him.

After Jack and Grace's relationship fizzles, Jack begins to date Madison.

Madison unintentionally spreads gossip and rumors, though she is a well-meaning girl.

She dated Lauren's brother, Jason, and unintentionally spread the news of Amy's pregnancy.

That public parks should exist at all was a radical idea.

She runs up to Amy and, along with Lauren, tells Amy about the 'delicious, single new counselor' Marc Molina.Today we take much of his thinking for granted while rarely acknowledging the fact that, through industrial agricultural practices, resource extraction, and atmospheric monkeying, we have landscaped the entire world to suit our needs.