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So I wanted to do this conversation here to talk about why and what’s been going on. It feels, I don’t know, like one of the puppet heads on television. So I get it all, but I think, in retrospect, we really could have managed it better. I do regret not having stockpiled more or any, frankly. : So mostly I’m a pretty systemized person, not just at work but also at home. I was insane about making sure that even though you’re breastfeeding, that you were breastfeeding a certain time. : No, because the rest of it doesn’t impact my schedule. I really did believe that kind of system helped, but it was more than that system. : So, I’ll give you another brief example that’s slightly different. They ask the right questions like a yenta in the old movie. The new me understands I just need to be okay with myself and if someone has a bad experience, it’s okay. That inner journey, that inner work is really helpful. I think what helps is you’re an excellent listener and you’re non-judgmental and for the most part, 99%, you never have anything that you need to prove to someone. They can’t be themselves if they know they’re being judged. If they don’t, I’ll let them back away, but I’ll ask them that. That way we know that we need to come in and talk to them. I’m the founder of and the guy who’s been missing some interviews here. Then I said, “I’m probably not going to need to take time out anyway, so I’ll record interviews afterwards.” What I discovered was I’m just freaking beat. I didn’t get the benefit of you really being at home and being available, and you didn’t get the benefit of getting your shit done so that you could either not have the pressure or be home later. We have our toddler just starting preschool, and so there was a lot of early pickups as he acclimated and you made yourself available for that and you wanted to be around. : You’re making yourself sound to be way more regimented than you are. But beyond that, you didn’t really give a hoot about what I did. That’s one specific event or activity within the larger of scope of work. So the goal is that there are these nonprofits that need help from big organizations and the organizations that actually want to help and people inside them feel good about helping, someone needs to coordinate them. People can feel if they’re having a conversation with a robot. I’ve been reflecting that I really like you when you are … You and I used to socialize with friends so often without kids. I think you’re great there, and you’ve done a lot of work, as you’re alluding to, to be comfortable and have some processes, but also really building up a trust and just being able to go in and really listen. You cannot have a good conversation with someone if they’re picking up on judgment. What I’m curious about often will trump what they want to talk about. If someone hasn’t been talked to in a couple weeks, there’s no way to forget them. It would go like a couple months we didn’t hear from them. : So here we have the card turn red if they haven’t been talked to in a while. Then you and I can have a conversation, and I’ll still stick an ad into it. Before I knew it, we just didn’t stockpile enough interviews to publish while I was out when the baby came. What I noticed is you weren’t fully at work and you weren’t off on leave, so you had all these grey days in between where I don’t think it benefitted … You did read the book, and you wanted me to breastfeed at a certain time, same time as last one. We’ll go through an hour of code tutorial, which is a terrific resource anyone can use. I heard you talking to Jeremy about the conference, and then we got a chance to catch up on it. I like engaging with you in this realm because now that we have kids, it’s so domestic and if we socialize, we either socialize independently with our friends, we go on a date with each other, which doesn’t happen as much as we’d like it to, or we go on some family activity with other friends. I knew this was the most boring conversation I could ever imagine. It wasn’t until I realized no, I have to ask what I’m curious about that they also want to talk about. I actually had something shipped in from China with no English writing on it just because some guy emailed me and said this solved the same problem for him. Even back then I had this runny nose issue and I said, “Good, this means I can get something done and I can tell people it’s because I had a runny nose.” I never had the heart to do it. Everybody on the team knows exactly where every single person we want on Mixergy is within our process. So whenever there’s something I want to say to the audience, I bring someone on to say it with me. : Right, the very first ads I had to have you on because I couldn’t just record them by myself. I know that the sponsors would be perfectly happy for me to record 30 seconds or 60 seconds on my own and then kind of clip them into the interview. I really just like to include the guests in the conversation. The two advertisers I will talk about if we have time are Toptal and tell people why they can get good developers–how cool is that. So it’s Toptal where you can hire developers, and the second one will be about Pipedrive, and Pipedrive will help you close sales. So here’s why I haven’t recorded interviews, Olivia. Do you think I was being a little too arrogant by not scheduling time off right afterwards? And when they wanted to reschedule, I said, “I don’t know when I can reschedule with you because I don’t know when the baby is coming.” So I didn’t reschedule with them.” If they needed to get back to us–actually, we were going to get back to them, but it would still be a wait before they got back on the agenda. There was a whole range, from co-working spaces that were in converted houses to the ultimate corporate Wall Street environment, which you ended up in and some smaller … In some cases, we bring students on and they actually do a design critique of Yahoo products, which is really fun. Sometimes we’ll do different coding with the students. But I also knew I was a fraud, because I didn’t care about it. I’m embarrassed to do that but– : That wasn’t fully off-camera, I know. Over the years I’ve told people that I’ve had a non-stop runny nose and I’ve gotten so many different homeopathic solutions for it and other like pseudo-scientific solutions. I’m so desperate that I usually don’t fall for any of this stuff, but I just– : I feel I did a little bit of homeopathic stuff. I have to tell you, when I was in high school, I thought maybe I should get a nose job, I should slim it down. Column two is to decide whether the guest is appropriate and so on, column three, find their email address, then ask them to do the interview and then ask them again and all that. So we can all work together to drive towards the same goal.Les éditions 1 : 1 sont une structure associative à but non lucratif.

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They were told TV is bad and reading is good, and are more educated than any generation in history.

I need to take a pic to remember this very day and moment.’ I can’t blame Farrah for wanting to remember how wonderful being a mom can be.” Other users pointed out that children model kids’ clothes, including swimsuits.

“And can I just add this as well,” wrote user laurensummerrr. Kids do, not adults…it’s no different so get off your high horse and stop being stupid and mean.”negatively affect her self-esteem down the road.

But before you continue reading, understand that the world doesn’t actually adhere to demographer datelines: The generation you fit into is more a function of the choices you make than the year you were born.

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So if you want to know where you truly fit along generational lines, take this test.

They just spent 18 years learning to be productive with their time, so they’re not going to settle for any photocopying/coffee stirring job.

Many more, available via city pages in the left column.… continue reading »

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